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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Anseth, Kristi S.
Location University of Colorado Boulder
Primary Field Engineering Sciences
Secondary Field Chemistry
 Election Citation
Anseth is a pioneer in the field of biomaterials that significantly facilitate drug delivery, and tissue engineering and regeneration. She has made seminal contributions to the creation of photopolymerizable or photocrosslinkable polymers that maintain high strength. Her work is leading to new ways of treating disease and performing surgery.
 Research Interests
A major focus of research in the Anseth group is the development of biomaterial scaffolds with highly-controlled architectures and chemistries for three-dimensional cell culture, tissue regeneration, and biological arrays and/or assays. We are particularly interested in understanding how cells receive information from materials and what happens to cell function over time when assembled within three-dimensional microenvironments. Our approach exploits classical engineering principles and modeling, as control is required on many times scales, from seconds to months, and on many size scales, from the molecular to macroscopic. Our methods include the design of passive biomaterial niches that simply permit cells to function, as well as bioactive environments that dynamically promote or suppress specific cellular responses, including proliferation, differentiation, and extracellular matrix production. Our research spans the spectrum of fundamental studies to better understand the role of the biomaterial environment on cell function and the biology of tissue formation to targeted clinical applications in the design of in situ forming cell carriers that promote healing. Further, we use these materials to develop innovative techniques to characterize and screen cell-material interactions, rapidly detect biological molecules through controlled surface chemistries, and develop models to study cellular pathology.

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