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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Goldwasser, Shafrira
Location Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Primary Field Computer and Information Sciences
Secondary Field Mathematics
 Election Citation
Goldwasser is recognized for her contributions to cryptography, number theory, and complexity theory. She has successfully applied theoretical advances to real world challenges of secure digital signature schemes, and she has introduced important techniques for number-theoretic algorithms.
 Research Interests
As a theoretical computer scientist, I am motivated by real world challenges on the one hand and the beauty of mathematics and abstraction on the other. I have worked at various times in cryptography, complexity theory, computational number theory, probabilistic algorithms, and distributed computation. Some examples of research themes I have tackled are: how to incorporate randomness into the model and the design of efficiently verifiable mathematical proofs and use them to achieve secure communication protocols and a classification of the complexity of approximation problems; how to meaningfully relax the classical requirements made of a combinatorial testing algorithm to allow for error and gain feasibility in return. Currently I am interested in understanding the minimal requirements on the limits of efficient of computation, that will allow for secure communication.

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