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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Cazenave, Anny
Location Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES)
Primary Field Geophysics
 Election Citation
Cazenave has made major contributions to geophysics, geodesy, and planetary physics through innovations in space geodetic methods. Her work has led to a greater understanding of the Earth's lithosphere and mantle and of variations in the gravity field relevant to continental hydrology, ice sheets, and changes in sea level.
 Research Interests
Anny Cazenave's research deals with the applications of space techniques to Earth sciences. It can be divided into 3 main topics : (1) Satellite geodesy and applications to geodetic problems (Earth gravity field, tides, global Earth deformations, tectonic and geocenter motions, etc.), (2) Marine geophysics, mainly from satellite altimetry and (3) Sea level changes and its relation with climate, and Hydrology from space. Her current research is mostly devoted to measuring sea level changes from altimeter satellites from global to local scales and to understanding the underlying processes (e.g., ocean warming, land ice melt, terrestrial water storage changes) using other observing systems like ARGO and space gravimetry. She is also interested in coastal impacts of sea level rise, and more generally, in coastal zones changes driven by global warming and human activities.

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