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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Bernstein, Joseph
Location Tel Aviv University
Primary Field Mathematics
 Election Citation
Bernstein is the foremost worker in algebraic analysis. He discovered many different ingenious ideas to apply algebraic constructions to different problems of analysis. Bernstein made outstanding contributions to many different areas of mathematics such as analysis, theory of representations, automorphic forms, differential and algebraic geometry.
 Research Interests
I am working in several different though interrelated areas of Mathematics. One of my main areas of interest is the representation theory in a broad sense. This includes representations of real and p-adic groups, representations of Lie algebras and quantum groups. During the last 15 years I am also working on closely related theory of automorphic forms. Another area of my interests is algebraic geometry with emphasize on D-modules, l-adic sheaves and so on. Closely related to this is the theory of equivariant sheaves which for me is closely related to representation theory. There are two very large areas closely connected to the areas listed above - number theory and high-energy physics. I am very much interested in these areas but can not consider myself to be an expert in them.

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