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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Seydoux, Geraldine
Location Johns Hopkins University
Primary Field Genetics
 Election Citation
Seydoux is a leader in understanding germ cell fate specification, cell polarity establishment and embryonic development, and established a new paradigm for how protein localization can lead to cell fate determination. She elucidated roles of P-granules, protein stability, localization and modification in development of cellular asymmetry in C. elegans.
 Research Interests
Geraldine Seydoux's laboratory is interested in the molecular mechanisms that guide the development of the germline. Using the simple animal model C. elegans, the lab is studying how germ cells regulate gene expression at the DNA and RNA levels. Most recently, the lab has identified a family of novel intrinsically-disordered proteins that scaffold RNA granules in germ cells. The Seydoux lab is also developing methods for genome editing that take advantage of a highly efficient gene conversion mechanism active in germ cells.

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