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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Cantor, Harvey
Location Harvard University
Primary Field Immunology and Inflammation
 Election Citation
Cantor discovered that the different kinds of T cells in the immune system have distinctive markers, recognize different classes of MHC molecules, and can perform the three major functions of T cells: T cell help, T cell inflammation, and T cell killing. These discoveries have served as the paradigm for the way mammalian T cells work for over 20 years.
 Research Interests
Our group is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular elements that regulate the type and intensity of antimicrobial immunity and maintain self-tolerance. We believe that interactions between T cell subsets and other immunological cells are at the core of this process. In recent years we have identified and characterized genes that allow robust T cell activation after TCR engagement. Our studies of the role of T cells in imprinting the type of immune response following viral infection have led to the isolation and characterization of a gene and its secreted product (Eta1/Opn) that enhances Type I immunity through interactions with macrophages and dendritic cells. Studies of the interactions between the immune system and viruses have delineated a molecular link between infection and autoimmune disease based on T cell receptor cross-reactivity. Our current research uses a combination of genetic and cellular approaches to define potential sub-lineages of CD4 and CD8 cells that are genetically programmed to carry out regulatory or effector T cell function.

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