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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Cashmore, Anthony R.
Location University of Pennsylvania
Primary Field Plant Biology
 Election Citation
Cashmore has been a leader in the study of light-regulated gene expression and development in plants. He and his colleagues discovered cryptochrome and characterized it as a blue light photoreceptor in plants. These studies paved the way for the elucidation of cryptochrome as a component of circadian clocks in many systems.
 Research Interests
I use molecular genetic and biochemical approaches in the study of light signaling in Arabidopsis, a model organism for plant molecular genetic studies. Our early studies involved the characterization of DNA sequences and DNA binding proteins involved in light regulated gene expression. Recent studies have concerned the characterization of a blue light photoreceptor cryptochrome that mediates plant growth and development in response to light. Cryptochromes have also been described for animals, including humans where, as in plants, they play an important role in circadian behavioral oscillations.

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