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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Durand, Jorge
Location University of Guadalajara
Primary Field Social and Political Sciences
Secondary Field Anthropology
 Election Citation
From Mexico, Durand has been a leader in the study of social and population movements. He has combined quantitative and qualitative methods to document the dynamic importance of networks and social capital in promoting international migration.
 Research Interests
As a social anthropologist, I have developed two fundamental lines of study, one being social movements, and the other population movements. My initial interest in political anthropology and social history, which correspond to a first stage of my work, has had a decisive influence on the central thyme of my research since 1982, which is international migration with an interdisciplinary focus. I have collaborated with demographists and sociologists on the Mexican Migration Project, and the Latin American Migration Project. Threw these research projects it has been possible to create a reliable and public data base which supports the principal findings, discussions, and conclusions drawn from them. My research on Mexican migration has led to: the identification and definition of stages of process; the relevance of social networks; the initiation of discussions on the use and impact of currency; the profile sketch of Mexican migrants at different moments threw the Twentieth Century; the analysis of change and continuity in the origins and destinations of migrants; the comparison of urban and rural migration; the discovery, description, and explanation of the migration phase which started from 1987; the analysis of the migration policies of United States and Mexico threw time.

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