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Name Barenblatt, Grigory I.
Location Russian Academy of Sciences
Primary Field Applied Mathematical Sciences
Secondary Field Engineering Sciences
 Election Citation
Barenblatt made strikingly innovative mathematical modeling of the effects of: immiscible displacements on secondary oil recovery; cohesive forces on the propagation of cracks in solids; density stratification on the production of turbulent spots; and scaling on the laws governing turbulent flow in pipes; and he co-founded the branch of applied mathematics known as "intermediate asymptotics."
 Research Interests
My research interests have been focused on micromechanics and its application to various branches of mechanics of solids and fluids. Mathematical models of various phenomena of fracture and fatigue. Mathematical models of fluid and gas flows in deformable porous and fissured porous media ; non-equilibrium processes in fluid and gas flows in natural rocks. Micromechanical models of the deformation and fracture of polymers. Mathematical models of turbulence phenomena,including the transition to turbulence and turbulence in stratified flows; the laws of turbulent motions at large Reynolds numbers (developed turbulence ) in particular in pipes and boundary layers. ~ ~Self-similarities ( self-similar solutions,self- similar processes in various branches of mathematical physics and continuum mechanics, intermediate asymptotics, incomplete similarity. ~ ~Mathematical theory of combustion,stability of flames , thermal explosion. ~ ~Nano-mechanics-universality of the basic micro- length scale.Scaling laws ; flows in nano-porous media.

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