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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Adams, Robert McC.
Location University of California, San Diego
Primary Field Anthropology
Secondary Field Human Environmental Sciences
 Election Citation
Not available
 Research Interests
I have a long-standing interest in the environmental, agricultural, and urban history of the Middle East. Very extensive field research from the mid-1950s through the later 1970s primarily took the form of archaeological surface reconnaissance in southern Iraq, southwestern Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. It primarily sought to identify long-term patterns of change extending over the last six millennia. Currently I am attempting to extend my coverage of the historical geomorphology and settlement history of the lower Mesopotamian plain with declassified satellite imagery. Another field of research interest and publication involves the contexts and history of technological change, concentrating on the last five centuries or so in western Europe and the U.S. With considerable experience in academic administration and research policy analysis, that is another field of active interest. Currently I have a leading part in a comparison of graduate education and research in the U.S. and Germany. Although my primary departmental affiliations and graduate training have all been in anthropology, I take a transdisciplinary historical approach including elements of economic history, historical geography, and nonlinear dynamics in the social sciences generally.

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