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About the PNAS Member Editor
Name Casida, John E.
Location University of California, Berkeley
Primary Field Animal, Nutritional and Applied Microbial Sciences
 Election Citation
Casida has made fundamental discoveries on the mode of action, metabolism, interactions, and environmental fate of almost every major insecticide and other toxicants. These studies have contributed greatly to the design and use of safer pesticides in agriculture and provided a rational basis for evaluation of their risks and benefits.
 Research Interests
My overall goal is to provide information pertinent to the safer and more efficient use of existing agrochemicals and to the development of new materials with better selectivity characteristics and environmental compatibility. Four general approaches are used: 1) evaluate the chemistry, metabolism, and mode of action of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, related toxicants, and environmental chemicals; 2) consider structure-activity relationships, photoalteration and persistence characteristics, metabolic fate and biodegradability, and primary modes of action and secondary toxicological lesions; 3) develop radiolabeled and photoaffinity probes for pharmacokinetic and receptor studies; and 4) identify reactive intermediates in toxicant and agrochemical action to provide fundamental understanding of adverse toxicological effects.

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